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Trenton (New Jersey), city in the western part of New Jersey, capital of the state and seat of Mercer County, on the Delaware River. Trenton is the seat of the state government, which is a major employer in the city. It is also a commercial, manufacturing, and transportation center. Products include rubber, plastic, and metal goods; printed materials; and pottery and ceramics.

Architecture & landmarks

Trenton has many buildings from the colonial period, including the William Trent House, built in 1719, and the Old Barracks Museum, built in 1758. The latter was the quarters for British troops from 1758 to 1763 and again in 1776, during the American Revolution. The Alexander Douglass House was where George Washington planned his march to Princeton, New Jersey, in 1777. Other attractions in Trenton include the Trenton Battle Monument, dedicated in 1893 and topped by a statue of Washington; the golden-domed State House, built in 1792; and the New Jersey State Museum, which opened in 1895. Educational institutions in the city include Thomas Edison State College and a community college. The College of New Jersey and Rider University are nearby.

History of Trenton

Native Americans of the Delaware group originally settled the area of present-day Trenton. Prior to permanent European settlement of the area, the Dutch and Scandinavians frequented the site of Trenton to trade with the Native Americans. In 1679 Mahlon Stacy, an English Quaker, received a grant of land on the Delaware River and built a grist mill that became known as The Falls. In 1714 Stacy's son sold land to William Trent, a Philadelphia merchant, and the community was laid out shortly thereafter. The city's present name was adopted in 1721.

On December 25, 1776, George Washington led his army across the Delaware River near Trenton. In a surprise attack on December 26, they defeated the Hessians, German mercenaries allied with the British. In 1784 and 1799 Trenton served as the temporary capital of the United States. It became the capital of New Jersey in 1790 and incorporated as a city in 1792.By the mid-19th century Trenton was one of the nation's foremost industrial centers, a position enhanced by its location on the Delaware and Raritan Canal and on the Camden and Amboy Railroad. The iron and steel industry, which had been established in the area in the mid-18th century, expanded in 1849 when John A. Roebling began making steel cable in Trenton. At the same time, the city's pottery and ceramics industry developed rapidly, and the city became a major pottery center. Later in the 19th century, Trenton became a major manufacturing center for rubber products. The city suffered economic setbacks in the mid-20th century after several manufacturing firms ceased operations. In the early 21st century Trenton was redeveloping parts of its downtown and working to attract tourists to the area. Population 92,124 (1980); 88,675 (1990); 85,403 (2000).

Dining in Trenton

Trenton restaurants include the always popular Pizza, Chinese and Italian as well as some long-time local favorites, such as Bill's Olde Tavern. A little further up the road is Princeton University, also an excellent location for NJ fine dining.


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